get(hash [, options])

This function retrieves an entry from the local chain or the DHT. If options.StatusMask is present, it determines which entries to return, depending on their status. If options.GetMask is present, this option allows you to specify what information about the entry you want. For more on that, see Entry Objects and Masks.

If options.Local is set to true, it indicates that the get refers to the local chain only. This allows you to retrieve specific entries from your chain, which includes private entries that aren't published to the DHT.

If options.Bundle is set to true, it indicates that the get refers to the currently started bundle only. If no bundle has been started, returns an error.

If only StatusMask value specified or only Entry is specified the return value will be the actual entry value. Otherwise the return value will be an object with properties of the same name as the mask name.

hash: hash-string

options: object (optional)





Returns: Entry-object OR HC.HashNotFound

expand_less JS examples
// Assume postHash is the hash of a previous post. In this example we do a simple get with no options:
var r = get(postHash)
// "I can haz cheezburger?"

// In this example we do a "get" with "GetMask" options:
var r = get(postHash, { GetMask: HC.GetMask.Entry + HC.GetMask.EntryType })
  "Entry":"I can haz cheezburger?",

// There is a scenario where no entry is found matching the hash, you should usually check it
var r = get(postHash)
if (r === HC.HashNotFound) {
  // handle hashNotFound case
} else {
  // do something with the entry