HoloWorld Tutorial: Creating the App Folder

Welcome! This is the first in a series of tutorials introducing Holochain app development. The goal is to use a classic "hello world" scenario to learn how to accomplish the basics of Holochain. You will learn how to write data into a source chain and DHT, and how to read it as well. You will also learn how to perform data validation, test your application, and connect a user interface. The first and simplest step which we'll do here, is initialize a project folder. This assumes that you already have performed the "Install" step and installed Holochain and the command line tools to your computer. If not, you can do that here.

Throughout, we will be replicating the functionality demonstrated on the "HoloWorld" github repository.

Using a command line terminal, change directories into a directory where you'd like to create the new HoloWorld app. It could simply be "Documents". This tutorial assumes that you have already taken that step, and continues from there.

If we are focusing on the Command Line Tools only, the only step we need to take right now, is to initialize the project folder. For this we use the hcdev init command. 

$ hcdev init HoloWorld

This creates a new folder called HoloWorld which is prepopulated with starter files to build the application. 

Change directories into the new folder. 

$ cd HoloWorld

That's it for this step. Return to the Command Line Tools page, or continue to the next step in the tutorial.